Man Takes a Dump on the Shanghai Subway, Other Commuters Completely Unfazed

A unsightly scene recently took place on the Shanghai Metro Line Number Two.

One Metro passenger thought it would be appropriate to do a number two while riding the subway yesterday. On the bright side, the man laid down some newspaper on the ground before he did the dirty deed.

Other fellow passengers on the subway car seem unfazed by the incident. One individual sitting directly across from him appears to be casually snapping photos of the man’s bare buttocks.

According to Shanghaiist, every station on Line 2 is equipped with a lavatory. In addition, the subway stops are about two to three minutes a part.

Not surprisingly, the pictures made their way online where netizens were quick to remark upon the man’s life choices. A critic wrote on Weibo:

“… you couldn’t just hold it in, get off at the next stop and find a bathroom?”

Another commentator was more sympathetic.

“If it’s diarrhea, then poop in your pants, it’s more dignified, more hidden. Once the carriage doors open, you can rush away and no one will be the wiser.”


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