34,000 visitors trapped at Shanghai Disneyland for hours after a woman tested positive for COVID-19

Shanghai Disneyland covid scare

Shanghai Disneyland Park locked its doors on about 34,000 theme park visitors and staff after a COVID-19 scare in order to test them for the virus.

What happened: A woman from nearby Hangzhou traveled to Shanghai over the weekend and tested positive for COVID-19, prompting an extremely thorough response from the theme park.

  • On Sunday, first responders clad in Hazmat suits entered the theme park and tested everyone before they could leave, including visitors, families and staff.
  • The testing lasted hours after the theme park usually closes and people were finally able to leave the park around midnight.
  • Theme park visitors were escorted back home via 220 special buses.
  • It is unknown if the woman who tested positive visited the theme park or not, according to Bloomberg.
  • On Monday, the 34,000 theme park visitors and staff tested negative for COVID-19. They are still required, however, to isolate themselves for two days before retesting.
  • The park will be closed from Nov. 1 to Nov. 2 in accordance with the park’s pandemic requirements.
  • According to the Shanghai Disneyland website, the park reserves the right to refuse admission of guests holding general admission passes on days predicted to have high attendance. This is in accordance with government guidelines on maximum capacity.
  • “We will notify guests as soon as we have a confirmed date to resume operations,” wrote the theme park in an announcement on their website. “We apologize for the inconvenience and will provide refund or exchange for all guests impacted during this period.”

Featured photo from @realjack_lee

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