Mom Arrested After Beating Daughter to Death for Eating Too Slowly


A mother from Shandong province, China has been detained by the police for allegedly beating her daughter to death for eating slowly.

According to Qilu Evening News via South China Morning Post, the woman became irritated at her daughter’s way of eating her lunch on August 3, while in their home in Zouping county.

She reportedly warned the girl that she would beat her up if she continued to eat slowly, but the little girl persisted and the mother asked her husband to leave the room.

“I did not dare to stop my wife. She also hit me when I tried to stop her from beating the child,” the man said.

When he returned inside the room, it was already too late. He saw his daughter already covered in bruises and wounds, and when he tried to bring her to the hospital, his wife stopped him. But later that afternoon, her condition worsened and he eventually took her to the hospital.

Despite all the doctors’ efforts, the hospital could not save the girl and she died two hours later.

Meanwhile, the mother was detained on Sunday. Police are now investigating the case.

Images via Weibo

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