Decades-old footage of Japanese fans introducing camera phones to amazed Shakira for first time goes viral

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  • An old video of Japanese fans introducing a camera phone to Colombian singer Shakira recently went viral.

A decades-old video of Japanese fans introducing a flip camera phone to Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira was recently unearthed and posted on the internet.  

In the now-viral video, a Japanese fan takes a photo of Shakira when the singer points to the phone and asks in amazement, “Is that a camera?” 

“Oh my gosh… I didn’t believe you,” Shakira exclaims as she takes the phone from the fan and examines it.

The fan shows Shakira the image she took and allows the singer to explore the phone.

“But this one doesn’t work in America, no?” Shakira asks. When her fans reassure her that America did not have camera phones yet, she says, “Thank God, because imagine all the paparazzis.”

“It’s a dangerous tool,” an audio added on to the clip can be heard saying over the “Stranger Things” theme. 

The video was uploaded to Twitter by Paytm founder and CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma on Jan. 29 with the caption, “First time demo to an influential user (Shakira seeing camera phone for first time in Japan).” It has garnered more than 272,000 views as of this writing.  

While it is unclear when the video was taken, the first commercial camera phone was released in May 1999 in Japan, according to Computer World.

Featured Images via @vijayshekhar

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