GoFundMe Set for SF Chinatown Restaurant Vandalized TWICE in Three Days

GoFundMe Set for SF Chinatown Restaurant Vandalized TWICE in Three DaysGoFundMe Set for SF Chinatown Restaurant Vandalized TWICE in Three Days
A dim sum restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown has fallen victim to two incidents of vandalism in a span of three days, raising costs for a business that has already been struggling to recover from COVID-19 losses.
What happened: Dim Sum Corner, located at the corner of Grant Avenue and California Street, was attacked twice last week — first last Thursday and again last Saturday. Both incidents were caught on surveillance videos.
  • Last Thursday’s attack, which occurred around 2 a.m., saw a man on a scooter hit one of the restaurant’s windows with reinforced glass. The suspect also made several laps around the business before taking off.
  • The vandalism around 3 a.m. last Saturday involved a man on an electric scooter who used a slingshot to break another window. The glass shattered about a minute later.
  • This is not the first time Dim Sum Corner was hit, managing partner Jaynry Mak told ABC7 News. So far, the restaurant has suffered five attacks this year, and the latest incidents would cost approximately $2,500 in repairs.
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Others attacked: Mak also learned that her restaurant is only one of multiple Chinatown businesses that were struck last Thursday. She believes they were targeted for being Asian.
  • “My understanding — the incident on Thursday morning, we weren’t the only ones there were five other businesses in Chinatown that were also hit with smashed windows,” Mak told KPIX 5. “Now, we’ve been advised well maybe you need to set up these metal gates which we were really hesitant to do because it’s really expensive.”
  • Similar attacks have occurred elsewhere in San Francisco. Earlier this month, Gai Chicken Rice in the Castro District also fell victim to a man on a scooter with a slingshot; Chase Luck Bakery in Ingleside was hit four times in the last few months, according to its recently-launched GoFundMe page.
  • Last Thursday, a 43-year-old suspect named Steven Gaffney was arrested over alleged burglaries and window-smash vandalisms across San Francisco. However, it’s unclear whether he targeted Asian businesses.
Mak also set up a GoFundMe page for Dim Sum Corner to replace its smashed windows. As of this writing, she has raised over $1,000.
Featured Images via Dion Lim (left), Jaynry Mak (right)
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