Sexually Abused Women Who Get Pregnant in North Korean Prison Camps are Executed, Defectors Reveal

Sexually Abused Women Who Get Pregnant in North Korean Prison Camps are Executed, Defectors Reveal
Ryan General
By Ryan General
September 21, 2017
North Korean women in political prison camps are frequently raped before being eventually executed, defectors have recently claimed.
Providing graphic descriptions on the torment prisoners face every day while serving sentences for political crimes, the defectors gave their most recent testimonies to South Korea’s Unification Media Group, local media reported on Tuesday.
One defector, 29-year-old Park Ju-Yong, claimed that sexually abused women who got pregnant are secretly killed by guards, United Press International (UPI) reports, citing South Korea’s Donga Ilbo newspaper.
Park, who was born in “Concentration Camp 21,” said he was transferred to Pukchang concentration camp, where he grew up and stayed for over two decades.
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Based on his testimony, the female prisoners were preyed upon by prison guards who offered lighter workload in the prison camps in exchange for sexual favors.
According to him, the pregnant women are not only executed, but their newborn babies are allegedly fed to guard dogs.
The defector, whose uncle was charged with a political crime, said he himself witnessed public executions in which family members were forced to kill their relative by stoning the victim to death.
Some executions involved all prisoners, who were lined up to take turns to participate in the “prison-wide” stoning.
“People would throw their rocks hard. Each time the rock would hit the victim, their bodies would burst with blood,” the defector said in his statement.

“Their flesh would fall off until you could see their bones, and they would die without execution by gun,” he added.
Those who event attempt to refuse to comply are threatened with the same execution. 
He noted, however, that the guards who were caught doing the inhumane acts were dismissed from the camps.
The defector observed that North Korean society became “chaotic” following the death of founder and former leader Kim Il Sung.
His eventual successor, former leader Kim Jong Il, brought about more executions in the camp during his term.
A former North Korean prison guard named Ahn Myeong-Cheol, who himself is a defector, affirmed Park’s statements, confirming that camps indeed have public and secret executions.
The report follows a report issued by the U.S. State Department in August, which revealed that the prisoners held in North Korean prison camps are beaten to death and starved until they resemble “walking skeletons,” “dwarfs,” and “cripples.”
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