Sexist Men Target UK Woman in Brutal Attack That Exposed Her Skull

Sexist Men Target UK Woman in Brutal Attack That Exposed Her Skull

December 1, 2017
A woman in the United Kingdom was left with a horrifying scar after coming across three Asian men who allegedly assaulted her in what authorities are treating as a “racially aggravated” attack.
Nikki Hurst, 32, was walking along Lady Ann Road in Batley, West Yorkshire, when the grim incident occurred on Halloween, Oct. 31 at 6:45 a.m. local time, near the Mill Village Shopping Complex, MailOnline reported.
The trio reportedly approached her from behind before abusing her verbally and physically.
Hurst told activist Tommy Robinson via The Rebel:
“When I came back from Tesco with my breakfast, they shouted, ‘Yo White girl, give us a light.’ And I said ‘I ain’t got one love’ so I carried on walking.”
“They started calling me a ‘gori slag’ and a ‘white slag.’” Gori, the Hindi word for “white”, may often be used as a slur when referring to White people or women.
“They smashed me into a Yorkshire stone wall.”
Hurst then fell to the ground after being pushed and kicked repeatedly. She sustained a large head wound and serious facial injuries.
“I’ve got, I think it’s about a four-, five-inch gash across the middle of my head. You could see my skull,” she said.
“I had 21 stitches on the outside and 38 or 48 on the inside.”
Authorities are still looking for the suspects, who wore school uniforms at the time of the incident.
“Detectives from Kirklees CID have been carrying out an extensive investigation into this racially aggravated assault last month,” said Tony Nicholson, detective chief inspector of the Kirklees CID, according to The Independent.
“At this time we have exhausted all obvious lines of enquiry and I would urge anyone who was in the area at the time to come forward with any information about the incident, no matter how insignificant it may seem.”

“Staff from Kirklees CID will continue to support the victim throughout the investigation and will continue to seek out the persons responsible,” Nicholson added.
In the U.K., anyone with knowledge of the incident is encouraged to contact police via 101 quoting reference number 13170506171. Reports may also be sent anonymously on Crimestoppers via 0800 555 111.
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