Sex Predator Caught on Video Molesting Women in Japan’s Subway

This is a face of a pervert:

He was last seen on a prowl in Japan, sexually molesting random women.  

The still unidentified sex maniac was caught on video harassing his victims in Japan’s subway stations.

He was filmed rubbing himself against a woman from behind inside a packed train. 

He was only exposed after Facebook user Billy Ho uploaded the disgusting video yesterday on his Facebook account

In his post, he noted that his friend, who was also previously victimized by the predator, gathered the courage to film the sickening scene right in front of the man.

“I want this piece of shit GONE! This guy was harassing my friend prior to this event and she was brave enough to film him while he’s doing it again to another victim. When you see something say something! Please share to all female friends you know in Japan! #NHK #壹電視” Ho wrote, urging everyone to spread the man’s image so women in Japan can be aware of him.

While his post has yet to get traction on social media, many netizens have already expressed outrage and disgust over the man’s behavior.

As of this writing, the man’s identity and nationality remain unclear. It is also unknown whether the man resides in Japan or is a tourist in the country.

Images via Facebook/Billy Ho

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