Sex Dolls Made in China are Becoming Insanely Realistic

Sex Dolls Made in China are Becoming Insanely RealisticSex Dolls Made in China are Becoming Insanely Realistic
Kyle Encina
August 1, 2017
A company is manufacturing a hyper-realistic sex doll that can not only sing but listen and engage people in conversation as well. While VR porn already exists in the market, this new sex doll is being touted as the “Bugatti Veyron of VR.”
The DS Doll Robotic Head is a state-of-the-art doll head from Chinese manufacturer EX Doll in collaboration with Japanese company Doll Sweet Dolls. Given that the sex doll’s internal skeletal frame is wrapped in a silicon coating, it’s capable of a myriad of facial expressions.
Furthermore, the robotic head is capable of singing as well as listening and talking to people with the use of its voice recognition software. Cloud Climax head Paul Lumb mentions that the dolls “won’t sound too robotic” and that they would also have “an element of natural conversation.”
The sex doll head can be controlled via a smartphone app or a PlayStation controller.
Cloud Climax is the only authorized EX Doll retailer in Europe and Lumb estimates the price tag of these sex doll heads at around $5,870, according to Daily Mail. While this technology certainly shows the next step in creating fully-functional androids, it still has some limitations.
First of all, the DS Doll Robotic Head is merely a head and the body it’s attached to is incapable of moving on its own. Secondly, these robotic heads can only speak in Chinese dialects for now as manufacturers are still crowdfunding the production of its English and Japanese models.
Lumb explains that we are still 15-20 years away from seeing a fully-autonomous cyborg body. Despite the limitations of modern-day technology, Lumb is amazed of what the DS Doll head has accomplished, describing it as “revolutionary” and “a game changer.”
While sex dolls are commonly used for sexual interactions, Lumb explains that these dolls also cater to photographers. “The doll community don’t always have sex with dolls, some collect them like art,” Lumb added.
Feature Image Screenshot via Youtube/Cloud Climax
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