Former Kpop star Seungri receives 3-year jail sentence, Twitter reacts

Former Big Bang member Seungri sentenced to three years in jail

Former K-pop idol and Big Bang member Seungri received a three-year jail sentence after being charged in 2019 for procuring prostitutes for businessmen, but his fans are still fighting for him.

Conviction: Seungri, 30, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, was convicted by the General Military Court of the Ground Operations Command in Yongin on the charges of mediating prostitution and illegal gambling, according to Nate via All Kpop.

  • Prosecutors originally wanted five years in prison with a 20 million Korean won ($17,000) fine. However, the court finalized the ruling to three years imprisonment with a fine of 1.15 billion Korean won ($990,000).
  • Seungri was tried and convicted at a military court because he enlisted in the army last year, BBC reported.
  • The Korean artist retired in 2019 after he was accused of supplying prostitutes to rich foreign businessmen who wanted to invest in his business.

Reactions: Many of his fans took to Twitter to show their support for him. Some of them called his conviction an injustice, while others posted positive messages for their idol.

  • However, various users called out other fans for defending Seungri despite the court’s ruling.

Featured Image via KOREA NOW

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