Sesame Street’s Rendition Of PPAP is Straight Fire

“I have a choco!” and “I have a butter!” goes the latest PPAP parody to hit the internet.
With over 87 million views on YouTube, PPAP has indeed become a global phenomenon, turning Kosaka Daimaou into a certified internet star.  His first breakout hit earned him a Guinness World Record for having the shortest song to ever appear on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 charts.
Not resting on his laurels, Daimaou, through his stage character Piko Taro, keeps coming up with something new for his fans and followers including an upcoming album and now with an appearance on the iconic children’s show, reported RocketNews24.
Dressed up in Piko Taro’s signature wardrobe of leopard printed shirt and scarf, Elmo and Cookie Monster sang “CBCC or Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie,” which is a play on the PPAP song featuring Cookie Monster’s favorite snack. The muppets sang with the Japanese entertainer, delivering a PPAP parody that may soon be a hit in itself.
Piko Taro then joined the two monsters to give them some pointers on proper PPAP dancing steps before teaming up for an encore.
The video ended with Piko Taro bidding goodbye to Elmo and Cookie Monster, saying he had to run off to his part-time job of making sneakers, but only sneakers for right feet. With the comedian leaving in a rush, the two monsters were left to continue perfecting their CBCC performance. Posted just four days ago, CBCC now just needs a few more thousand views to hit a million.
Watch the future hit here:
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