Serial Foot-Licker in Japan Attacks Woman, Licks Her Feet For 30 Minutes

Serial Foot-Licker in Japan Attacks Woman, Licks Her Feet For 30 Minutes
King Malleta
November 18, 2016
Kyoto police arrested a man charged for a crime so bizarre that you are bound to go “WTF?”
Japan Times reported that 56-year-old Akira Nishiyama, a part time worker from Kyoto, was arrested by the police after he was identified as the notorious “foot-licking man.” Yes, you read that right.
RocketNews24 covered the story of a woman who claimed to be a victim of this “serial foot-licker.” According to her, around midnight on July 23, she was walking near a parking lot which was near the Fushimi Ward in Kyoto City when suddenly a man seated inside his car asked if she could help him fix his brakes.
The woman obliged and was instructed to sit on the driver’s seat and pump the brake pedal. However, in what seems like a shocking manner, the man plunged into the car floor, removed her footwear and began licking the soles of her feet. A crazy act that lasted for 30 minutes. For. 30. Minutes.
The woman added that when the man finished his “business” he let her go and said, “Thank you.” Fortunately, she was able to pull out her smartphone to record the man while he was in action. She also got ahold of the man’s car plate number.
These key pieces of evidence led to the arrest of the “foot-licking man” who is also believed to be connected to six similar incidents of foot licking that happened in the Fushimi area since 2012. Victims were all females in their twenties.
However, the suspect denied the charges and said that he doesn’t remember doing such crimes – which then makes everything more peculiar.
Do you know anything closely similar to the weird and disturbing case of the Kyoto foot-licker?
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