Senior Citizens Caught Stealing Toilet Paper From Popular Chinese Temple

Toilets of a popular tourist attraction in Beijing have become a target for certain types of “bandits” who prefer stealing sheets of valuable toilet paper.

For reasons still unknown, certain individuals have been caught on camera frequenting the public bathrooms in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing to secretly snatch some tissue, SCMP reports.

Images of the tissue thieves have gone viral on Chinese social media. They allegedly made multiple trips in a single day to the popular tourist attraction in an effort to hoard as much toilet paper as possible.

According to the Beijing Evening News, the outlet which broke the story on Wednesday, some people were seen visiting each of the seven toilets in Beijing’s Temple of Heaven Park just so they can rip off long sheets of toilet paper. A number of them even brought shopping bags for their loot.

The toilets have been promoted by the government as “star bathrooms” to tourists.

During one “heist”, a middle-aged woman was observed waiting outside the toilet. When the coast was clear, she made her move and stole toilet paper. Within the next 30 minutes, she was seen making two more visits to complete her run.

“This is quite typical of how many of the old-generation think. In their eyes, what the country owns is what the people own,” a netizen, pointed out.

Although the report caused a discussion among netizens where some condemned the thefts, most simply found the whole incident funny.

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