Thrill-seeking Indian Couple Reportedly Fell to Their D‌‌e‌‌at‌‌‌h‌s While Taking Selfie at Yosemite


An Indian couple who d‌i‌‌e‌‌d after falling from a Yosemite National Park overlook last week were reportedly trying to take a selfie when they lost their balance.

The pair, identified as 29-year-old Vishnu Viswanath and 30-year-old Meenakshi Moorthy, fell about 800 feet from the popular attraction located in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, according to the National Park Service

Their bodies were recovered by park rangers below Taft Point on Thursday. The overlook, which has a granite ledge that doesn’t have a railing, apparently lets visitors walk on its edge.

According to Viswanath’s brother, Jishnu Viswanath, Moorthy dreamt of becoming a full-time travel blogger, reports the Mercury News.



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As the thrill-seeking “Travel Creatives,” the pair showcased images of their travels in their Instagram account called “holidaysandhappilyeverafters.” The pair has visited the beaches of the Maldives and Italy’s Florence Cathedral, among many other exciting destinations. The couple celebrated their anniversaries in style, with a hot-air balloon ride in 2016 and skydiving last year.


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“Hurling myself out of a perfectly functioning airplane was a dream forever for this pink-haired daredevil,” Moorthy wrote in a post last year.



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I believe I can flyyy 🎶 I believe I can touch the skyyyy 🌥 … Aaaand touch the sky I did from an effin’ 18000 ft thanks to the unconditional love-ninja in my life, Vishnu ❤️, who literally took this year’s anniversary surprise a notch “higher” than last year’s hot air ballooning adventure 🎈, by gifting this adrenaline junkie with one of the highest tandem skydives in the world! 🤘 … Hurling myself out of a perfectly functioning airplane was a dream forever for this pink-haired 💕daredevil and when it fiiiiinalllly turned into reality, it was a sensory overload of exhilaration and exultation to say the least! Between hyperventilating from overexcitement and sucking in the supplemental oxygen to get to 18000 ft, I barely noticed that suddenly I am sitting with my legs dangling out of the plane ✈️ at 18k feet with views to ahem, “die” for 😉 … As the beaming ocean vistas 🌊 beckoned me from far below, I realized that the wind whipping past whisked my breath away from my airways, deafened my eardrums and sent me into a euphoric disarray of emotions while we plummeted towards what eerily looks like Google Earth Maps in real life 😄 … And then it was time to PARTY in the sky! 🎉🎊🎉WoooHooo! Twists ‘n’ turns, screams ‘n’ spins ensued 🤘The 90sec freefall, aaaaah those 90 seconds of intoxicating freedom how I wish I could describe THAT! 🖋I am a wishful wordsmith, but there are times I just keep writing and deleting unable to put the zilliony emotions I experience to words, and yet those are simply some of the most magical moments in my life ✨✨✨(and every single time they have involved Vishnu in some way or the other 💕) Sooo since they say a picture speaks a 1000 words, here’s a teeny video clip from my skydiving adventure which I hope will make up for my want of words🤗 • • • #skydiving #skydivesantabarbara #ibelieveicanfly #iloveskydiving #adrenalinerush #tandemskydive #freefalling #adventuretravel #18000ft #bucketlist #freefall #skydive #roadtrippers #roadtripusa #globalstorybook #girlgetters #radgirlslife #traveladdicts #femaletravelbloggers #skydivinggram #traveltales #exploreaholic #pinkhairdontcare #skydivegram #skydiving_everyday @skydive_gram

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She reportedly had set up a tripod near the ledge on Tuesday evening. The next day, some park visitors found the camera and immediately notified the rangers.

 Jishnu Viswanath said that the rescuers “used high-powered binoculars to find them and used helicopters to airlift the bodies.”

He added that the pair will be b‌u‌ried in the U.S. as the b‌o‌di‌es were no longer fit to be flown back to India.

Meanwhile, Yosemite park officials have stated that the investigation, which could take several days to complete, is currently ongoing.

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