See Why This iPhone 6 Prototype is Going for Over $95,000 on eBay


This may be the most expensive iPhone out there, but the camera might not work and you may not even be able to make calls on it.

When eBay user “kimberlyk1018” renewed her phone contract with Verizon, she claims she was accidentally shipped a rare white 64GB iPhone 6 prototype; naturally, she listed the phone on eBay and it’s about to fetch over $95,000.

The phone doesn’t run iOS 8, has a distinct red lighting port, no FCC markings, and features an array of developer and testing applications. So why would anyone pay near 6-figures just for a prototype?


According to the eBay post, the phone is in “true developer mode.” Anyone with the skill to crack the software on the phone, like a rival company for example, stands to gain some valuable insight on the ins and outs of Apple’s iOS and maybe even what Apple has planned for the future.



Of course, Apple may try to stop the sale if it violates their coveted terms of service, but if they can’t, you can bet they’ll be bidding to keep their technological secrets off the market.

As of this post, the prototype iPhone has 185 bids reaching $95,600.

Most importantly however, there is free shipping for the prototype.

Images via eBay 

Source: Business Insider
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