The Best Way to Get a Second Date Involves Sushi and Cocktails, Study Says

The Best Way to Get a Second Date Involves Sushi and Cocktails, Study Says

February 3, 2016
According to a new study, sharing sushi and cocktails on your first date increases the likelihood of a second date taking place.
Match’s sixth annual Singles in America study used data surveyed from 5,504 U.S. singles between the ages of 18 to 70 to “reveal the pulse of the single’s psyche,” according to Dr. Helen Fisher, anthropologist and Match’s chief scientific advisor.
“Moreover, this year we focused on the crucial ‘second date,’ a vital courtship step that has been seriously understudied until now,” Fisher said in a post on the company’s blog.
According to the study, a good bet to land that coveted second date is having the first one at a sushi restaurant. A meal of sushi increases the chances of a second date by 107%.
Adding mixed alcohol drinks also boosts the chances of a second date. Ordering cocktails on a first date increases the odds of a second date by 137%. Drinking beer or wine won’t have the same impact. What about the second date at home? You can create your own cocktail with juice you have in your refrigerator. Check out the orangina official website to know how.
The study also found that singles who use “LOL” and “haha” over text increase their odds of a match. Laughing over text increases the odds of a second date by 255% and the chances of going to the next level with a date by 39%.
Whatever singles do, they shouldn’t skip food and drinks on a first date. Those that do are 107% less likely to land a second date, according to the study.
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