Scrawny Man Challenges Big Man to Arm Wrestling in China, Immediately Regrets It

Getting drunk with friends is usually an enjoyable experience. Complications, however, sometimes arise when the effects of alcohol start influencing the drinkers to do ill-advised things.

Such is the case of a group of friends in southern China who, after a drinking session, decided it would be fun to get into some arm wrestling.

Unfortunately, an uneven match resulted in a painful tragedy after a smaller man challenged his bigger and apparently much stronger friend, according to the Daily Mail.

A video of the incident recently emerged online showing the participants positioning themselves on a low plastic stool and locking their left arms in place.

Initially, after the match began, the pair appeared to be evenly matched, with the smaller man putting up a decent fight, albeit only for a few seconds. As the smaller man exerted too much effort, his arm eventually gave way with a loud, painful snap. 

In the footage which has become widely shared on Chinese social media, the man’s arm can be seen getting twisted in the opposite direction.

The shocking result prompted the friends to immediately halt the game and assist the poor injured man. 

While it was not reported what happened next, it was presumed that he was rushed to a hospital after the incident.

Warning: Graphic video, viewer’s discretion is advised.

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