Scott Disick Slammed for ‘Racist’ Instagram Photo Eating Asian Food With Daughter

scott disick

Reality TV star Scott Disick has sparked a heated debate online after posting a photo in which his daughter, 6-year-old Penelope, makes what can be construed as a racist gesture with her eyes.

Disick’s daughter poses in a manner slightly different but eerily similar to the “slanted-eyes” gesture commonly used to mock Asian people, while Disick holds chopsticks before a (presumably Asian) meal.

Many commenters took to slamming Disick for taking a picture of his daughter doing such a pose which might be construed as offensive to Asian people:

“This is racist when would u even post this.”

“at the least it’s inappropriate behavior and insensitive to the Asian culture- I don’t think as a child she is doing it because she is racist, I don’t think she has malicious intent but the correct thing to have done as her parent would be to discuss why it’s not appropriate- not post it- just sayin’”

“I’m Asian and I’m saying it’s racist. So did a lot of Asian people here.”

Others opined that the child is pulling her eyes upward and not to the side, making it a different gesture altogether and not at all offensive:

“As an Asian I don’t find this racist at all. If anything she’s making her eyes rounder but really it’s an innocent child making a silly face.”

“She’s being a child and making a silly face. There is absolutely no racism here. They just so happen to be at an Asian restaurant and that’s why y’all are getting so worked up. She could be a freaking Burger King and still make that silly face. She’s like 6 years old guys come on.”

“Am I the only one who doesn’t think this is racist? Most people I have ever seen mock Asian culture pull their eyes out not up.”

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