Canadian scooter-riding woman repeatedly racially abuses POC and children, zeroes in on Asian family

Scooter riding woman being racist

A woman riding a mobility scooter at a park in Ontario, Canada was captured on film publicly berating an Asian family with racist taunts.

Scooter Karen: The still unidentified offender has been nicknamed “Racist Mobility Scooter Karen” online after footage of her tirade in Port Perry was uploaded on TikTok by user @_rabioli and was shared on Instagram by user crazykarens.


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  • According to the original poster, she initially tried ignoring the woman but eventually decided to confront her as she “kept badmouthing us in front of young children including my own daughter.”
  • In the roughly 3-minute-long footage, the woman can be seen riding around in her scooter shouting racist remarks directed at people of color, with some children present in the area.
  • As the crowd called her out on her behavior, she went on with her tirade and gave them her middle finger.
  • Responding to one of the comments, TikTok user @_rabioli said everyone left the scene after the video clip ended.
  • Local authorities reportedly arrived and escorted the woman out for being a “public nuisance.”

Unprovoked racist tirade: Instagram user crazykarens noted in the caption that “Mobility Scooter Karen” was agitated by a woman’s clothes, believing it made her look “too Pakistani.”

  • Citing unnamed sources, the account claimed that the woman has been involved in harassing people of color in the past but it was the first time she was caught on video.
  • “Some local businesses have since caught wind of this video and have been banning Mobility Scooter Karen from entering,” the post said.

NextShark has reached out to TikTok user @_rabioli, the original poster of the video, for comment on the incident.

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