Chinese Teacher Leads 400 Students in Epic Viral ‘Dura’ Dance

Chinese Teacher Leads 400 Students in Epic Viral ‘Dura’ DanceChinese Teacher Leads 400 Students in Epic Viral ‘Dura’ Dance
Carl Samson
March 26, 2019
A secondary school teacher in northern China has become an online sensation after leading a 400-strong student body in a dance routine to Daddy Yankee’s hit song “Dura.”
Zhang Guannan, a P.E. teacher in Pingliang, Gansu province came across the song while surfing the internet and thought it was “perfect” for his students.
In a video filmed on Friday, Zhang is seen leading all 400 students in their blue uniforms to the dance routine he choreographed.
Many found the students’ synchronized movements an impressive sight.
The new dance routine reportedly replaces a government-imposed calisthenics exercise required in all primary and secondary (junior and senior) schools in the country.
“Under the influence of social media and the internet, many students find the traditional calisthenics program really tedious and boring,” Zhang told Beijing News, according to the Daily Mail.
Zhang thought that his students would find an upbeat song more enjoyable. Some were reluctant to learn at first, but everyone managed to catch up.
“Our younger generation of students enjoy more upbeat and happier tempos, perhaps something that’s more in style. The dance was really cool and students would get their exercise for the day,” Zhang said.
“At first, some of the students were reluctant to learn the moves. But after several lessons, they were having a lot of fun.”
The teacher acknowledged the existence of a generation gap between educators his age and today’s students. He pointed out that education must evolve to fit the changing needs of society.
“It’s inevitable that a generation gap exists between us and our students — but it’s important for educators to come up with creative ways to bridge the gap. That will make it easier for us to step into our children’s world and understand them,” Zhang said.
“Education must evolve to fit the needs of modern society. At the same time, we must strike a balance between progressive elements and maintaining traditional teaching methods and ideas.”
Over the weekend, Zhang’s “Dura” dance routine went viral on Chinese social media, with many praising his efforts to keep up with the times.
Weibo users commented:
“This teacher has a vision for development.”
“I like this teacher! He gives comprehensive education.”
“This is better than the traditional broadcast gymnastics.”
“Ours is the ninth set of broadcasting gymnastics in the country. It has been used for almost 12 years. Primary schools, middle schools, and now even universities.”
“This is better than our morning exercise. The ninth set of national middle school students’ broadcast gymnastics can’t achieve the purpose of exercise. It also wastes the morning time.”
Featured Images via Weibo / People’s Daily
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