School in China Gives the Saddest Gift Ever to Students Who Ace Their Exams

When they say “bring home the bacon,” a Henan primary school in China took it quite literally.

Just before the Spring Festival kicks off this weekend, a primary school from Henan Province handed out bags full of pork as a reward to students who aced their exams. This must have made parents happy, but not sure if the kids feel the same.


The top five students who aced their exams posed for a photograph together with their proud parents and grandparents while holding out their “prizes.” However, if you look closely at the pictures, it didn’t really seem as if the kids are thrilled of their gifts. Well, pork is not exactly what kids would hope to get as a reward these days.


But according to a middle school in Zhejiang province that has been doing the same reward system for about four years, they chose the “down to earth” pork as gift so the whole family can share it, or probably a thoughtful gift ahead of the Spring Festival.


According to Shanghaiist, this weird system has brought positive results in terms of school tests. Parents who must have been confused the first time their son or daughter brought home the “bacon” are said to have grown used to the school system.

So, what do you say? A medal or some bacon?

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