Scantily Clad Models Are Still the Driving Force Behind Car Shows in China

Chinese car show models appear to be faring well in the business despite the ban on models at auto shows in Shanghai earlier this year. The new regulations had stirred up quite a commotion in China when models dressed as beggars took to the streets to protest.
Auto Shanghai had banned models from their showroom for “distracting” guests from the cars. However, rival auto shows across the country were not as willing to give up on having pretty women surrounding their cars.
Though models in Shanghai have found loopholes in the ban by posing as sales reps and car cleaners at the shows, the models at last week’s Nanjing International Auto Expo stood front and center as the main attraction.
The 14th Nanjing International Auto Expo took place on September 29 in the capital city of eastern China’s Jiangsu province.
The 6-day event hosted 73 different brands and displayed over 1,000 cars. There was no shortage of gorgeous models in skintight dresses posing by the luxury vehicles.
According to Shanghaiist, Shanghai’s decision to ban models may not have been influenced by top officials’ concern for morality.
People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party, headlined the event “Models Steal the Light at Nanjing Auto Expo.”
The auto industry is a main component of China’s economic growth as sales are still expected to increase 7% this year despite the lull in the economy. Considering rich Chinese kids are proposing to their girlfriends with luxury cars, that’s not hard to believe.
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