Video of ‘scallion pancakes’ served on ‘Asian food night’ at American college goes viral

scallion pancake tiktok viral

A TikTok video has gone viral after revealing an American college’s incorrect presentation of Chinese scallion pancakes during an Asian food night.

The “Scallion Pancake”: In the now-viral video which was uploaded on Nov. 4, a batch of Chinese scallion pancakes can be seen cooked and presented in the same way as traditional  American breakfast pancakes but topped with scallions and cilantro.

  • TikTok user @winstonhsiao, who posted the video, wrote, “They took the name scallion pancake way too seriously… everyone was so excited too rip…” with hashtags including “#asianfood” “#scallionpancakes” and “#collegefood.”
@winstonhsiaothey took the name scallion pancake way too seriously… everyone was so excited too rip… ##asianfood ##asian ##scallionpancakes ##scallionpancake ##college ##collegefood♬ The algorithm wouldnt like the original sound name – Cursed Mashups

  • The TikTok user also wrote, “My school has an Asian food night, these were the ‘scallion pancakes.’ They literally added scallions to the normal pancakes they made for breakfast….”
  • The video features the popular TikTok edit of the song “What A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong.
  • Unlike Western pancakes, Chinese scallion pancakes are made from dough. They have crispy edges and are cooked with ingredients such as oil, salt and minced scallions.

Reactions: Many TikTok users shared their surprise in the video’s comments section.

  • One TikTok user commented, “IS THAT AN AMERICAN BUTTERMILK PANCAKE” in capital letters.
  • Another wrote, also in capital letters: “WHY IS THERE CILANTRO ON TOP ABSOLUTELY FOUL OF THEM.”
  • Experiences like this one apparently occur in other schools as well. One user shared in her comment, “My uni served ‘bao buns’ at mine but it was SOUTHERN BISCUITS with pork in them.”

Featured Image via @winstonhsiao

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