Meet ‘Princess Vannah,’ the 12-Year-Old Rapper Who ‘Made it Rain’ Long Before Lil Tay

Long before 9-year-old flexer/rapper Lil Tay gained attention on social media, another young rapper was already making a name for herself in the glamorous world of showing off stacks of paper bills.

Also known as “Ling Ling” and “Princess Vannah”, 12-year-old social media star Savannah T. Phan has been captivating fans with her impressive bars and rhymes — minus the vulgar words that Lil Tay is notorious for using.

Phan first went viral online in 2015 at age 9 when her dad, Jimmy Phan (aka Jimmy Boi the Streets Jeweler) shared a video of her dancing with some stacks of cash on Instagram.

After the positive response, she then went on to share videos of herself singing along to her favorite rap songs.

The young hip-hop enthusiast from Houston, Texas, further rose to social media stardom after she began to show off her talent for freestyle rap.

While she has a YouTube account, she mainly posts her adorably badass videos on Instagram, where she has so far accumulated over 300, 000 followers.

Check out her freestyling skills in this slick music video, in which she does the #whorunitchallenge, featuring Three 6 Mafia’s “Who Run It”:

Featured Image via Instagram / savannahtphan

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