Japan Now Sells Sashimi ‘Supplements’ in Pouches for Sushi Emergencies

Japan Now Sells Sashimi ‘Supplements’ in Pouches for Sushi EmergenciesJapan Now Sells Sashimi ‘Supplements’ in Pouches for Sushi Emergencies
A Japanese company has come up with a creative way to sell sashimi to anyone craving it without having to sit down at a restaurant.
Kaisho, based in Shizuoka Prefecture, is now selling raw seafood cuts in “supplement” packets.
The company started selling them in three options on Aug. 20, according to its news release via PR Times.
These include protein, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.
Protein, which comes in red, contains slices of bigeye tuna or mebachi maguro.
Vitamin B6, which comes in orange, contains slices of salmon.
Finally, vitamin B12, which comes in yellow, contains slices of sweet shrimp or amaebi.
The supplements, each weighing four grams, form the company’s Ari no Manma or “Just as They Are” line, SoraNews24 noted.
The top of each packet can be easily torn.
Each packet also comes with a tiny fork, allowing anyone to dive in right away.
Soy sauce may be added.
Kaisho is selling a set of three packets (one supplement type each) for 1,020 yen ($10). A discounted option of a six-pack bundle with two of each type is also available for 1,950 yen ($18).
Of course, despite how convenient it might be, it could never be better than the real thing.
Images via Kaisho
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