Sanrio’s Newest Character Who’s Secretly Filled With Violent Rage is My Spirit Animal

Sanrio, the company responsible for Hello Kitty, the global icon for everything nice, sweet, and cute, is introducing a new cartoon with a totally different persona: an angst-filled corporate drone named Aggretsuko.


While Aggretsuko, a red female panda, may look like your typical anthropomorphic cute animal character, she has, in fact, got a lot more relatable personality in her.

First debuted as a character on office supplies in May 2016, Aggretsuko, the rage-filled red panda got her first character bio revealed via a short video posted by Sanrio on its Twitter account on Friday.

It was in the clip where it was revealed that the name Aggretsuko is actually short for “Aggressive Retsuko.”

Aggretsuko is described as a 25-year-old office worker who hates her job so much due to annoying coworkers, inconsiderate bosses and her long commute.


Working at a trading company where she “ultimately has become a pushover within the company.”

“I’ll quit one day anyway!!! This is not my fate!!!” she screams inside as bosses pile up more paper work on her desk.

She lets out some stress after work by chugging some beer and singing heavy-metal karaoke at a bar.

Back in December, Aggretsuko was also featured in a one-minute Christmas special where she spent her Christmas alone in her apartment drinking sake and letting out some rage via karaoke.

While Sanrio has been known for creating fun-loving characters such as the iconic Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Pochacco, more relatable characters like Gudetama and now Aggretsuko may seem to indicate the company is shaping characters for modern society.

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