Brooklyn Train Passenger Goes on Racist Tirade, Calls Woman ‘Chinese’ and His ‘Property’

A man wearing a pair of flip flops and swimming shorts ranted against a White woman for having “Chinese eyes” and threatened to “murder” her if she didn’t get out of this country.

In a video, originally recorded by a friend of Sandy Sukmi Oh’s friend on the Q train in Brooklyn, New York, the man can be seen and heard yelling in a foreign accent, “Get out of my country before I f*cking murder your whole f*cking nation, motherf*cker!”

The woman behind the camera is heard replying, “This is my country, too. I’m not Chinese, I’m White.”

The deranged commuter, who was wearing an American flag T-shirt with some skulls on it, continued insulting the woman’s eyes and told her, “You know this is my country, right? You’re in my f*cking property. You are my property. I have the right to f*cking murder your whole f*cking nation.”

The woman requested that he get off at the Kings Highway stop in Brooklyn before she calls the police.

Sandy Sukmi Oh told NextShark via Facebook that nobody was able to find the man, and no reports or arrests have been made at this time.

Watch the video in its entirety below:

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