Lee’s Sandwich Employees Called ‘Nazis’ and ‘Traitors’ By Man Refusing to Wear a Mask

Lee’s Sandwich Employees Called ‘Nazis’ and ‘Traitors’ By Man Refusing to Wear a MaskLee’s Sandwich Employees Called ‘Nazis’ and ‘Traitors’ By Man Refusing to Wear a Mask
Sandwich shop workers in Oklahoma City were called “Nazis” after asking an enraged customer to wear a mask.
Lee’s Sandwiches, a Vietnamese American fast-food chain located off Classen Boulevard near 30th Street, posted a video of the incident on its Facebook page on March 9, reports The Charlotte Observer.
After being told that the restaurant’s customers must wear masks, the unidentified anti-masker yells at various employees, saying, “You’re all Nazis!” and “You’re a traitor to the country. All of you!”
One of the employees approaches him, supposedly with the intention of asking him to leave. As he sees her walking up to him, he asks, “What are you doing? Are you harassing me? Huh?”
Two other employees approach the man and tell him to relax. “Take it easy,” one of them says. The anti-masker eventually leaves the establishment.
Lee’s Sandwiches took to Facebook to seek assistance with identifying the man, the New York Daily News reports.
“You know….it’s tough enough already to stay open and keep the team serving during an unprecedented pandemic,” the shop wrote. “Then there’s humans out in the world like THIS GUY that make it just that much harder. Anyone recognize this guy? We asked him to wear a mask. 😷 Thank you to the amazing customers in the lobby that stepped in to help”
“I think it’s just such unacceptable behavior,” Oklahoma City council member James Cooper recently told KFOR.
Cooper also mentioned Oklahoma’s mask mandate, stating, “We are all going through it. And yet I have not yelled at another human being right now because of this particular mask ordinance.”
Feature Image via Lee’s Sandwiches
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