Who is This Beautiful Family That Everyone Wishes Was Their Life Too?

Who is This Beautiful Family That Everyone Wishes Was Their Life Too?Who is This Beautiful Family That Everyone Wishes Was Their Life Too?
Images of a lovely Asian family has been making rounds on social media, capturing many netizens’ hearts online.
As the photos have left many smitten, the mystery of who this picture-perfect couple is has remained until now.
Meet Thai-British celebrity Sonya Davison Sanchez and her husband Filipino American Judd Sanchez.
The Singapore-based couple has two adorable twin children named Raiden and Tristan, according to The Asian Parent.
Judd, a Regional Director for Deloitte Consulting, provides a comfortable life for his family filled with travel.
Sonya, a former model and TV personality, has shifted her focus on being a full-time mom after giving birth, she revealed in an interview with Smart Parents.
As a social media star with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, she went viral in 2017 after losing all her baby weight in 3 weeks.
Netizens who adored the loving gazes the couple share in each and every viral photo would be delighted to know that the couple actually got married twice.
Following a simple solemnization at Tanjong Beach, Sentosa in 2014, they had a beautiful beach wedding ceremony in Bali, Indonesia in 2015.
Then in 2017, they had a convalidation wedding ceremony, this time attended by their children, at a church in Singapore. 
Judd, who had been friends with Sonya for years before they began dating, shared this anecdote (via The Wedding Scoop) on how their relationship as a couple began:
“The pivotal moment happened when we were at the theater watching ‘Captain America’ with my crew. At one point during the movie, Sonya gently held my hand. Thinking she wanted something, I pulled away and offered her…the popcorn. Later, she reached for my hand again, but when I tried to pull away to offer her more popcorn, she held on. It took me most of the rest of the movie to process what was happening because I had placed so much value on our friendship. But when I realized that my vision of the perfect girl found ME…I held her hand and never let go. And it has been an amazing journey ever since.”
To those who see the couple’s married life as ultimate goals, here’s one advice from Sonya herself to keep a relationship happy:
“Don’t forget that you are a team now. Try to get on the same page with all your choices and important decisions. Once you think like a team and not like individuals, things will go a lot smoother!” 
Featured image via Instagram/sonyadsanchez
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