Girl filmed fighting bully of Asian student says she will no longer be expelled

Girl filmed fighting bully of Asian student says she will no longer be expelledGirl filmed fighting bully of Asian student says she will no longer be expelled
via @hearmiaout
Carl Samson
November 17, 2023
A girl is winning praises on social media for coming after another girl who allegedly bullied a smaller Asian girl at a high school in California.
What happened: A video showing the alleged incidents went viral on Instagram this week. In one clip, a white student dubbed as a “super senior” is seen beating and chasing a smaller Asian freshman for allegedly “running into her.”
The incident allegedly occurred at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon. The Asian studet, who tries to defend herself, cries out, “F*cking leave me alone!”
The second clip, which was filmed on a roadside, shows a Black student beating and kicking the alleged “super senior.” As she throws her punches, she tells her, “You don’t wanna fight nobody your size?”
Reactions: The clips were shared in a video post by Instagram account @hearmiaout. It has since been reshared by other pages, with users praising the Black student for standing up for the Asian student.
“Awww gave me chills. Thanks to that lady! I hope she finds out that we on the internet appreciate her! If I could, I would send flowers to her home, I hope her parents know what an honorable individual they raised,” one user wrote.
Another commented, “This is it, THIS IS BLACK AND ASIAN UNITY.”
“So satisfying. We need to team up fr,” another noted.
“Props to the Black girl for standing up for her friend and against bullying,” another said, though it is unclear whether the Black and Asian girls know each other.
The aftermath: The Black student’s actions reportedly led to a threat of expulsion from the same high school. After social media users called out administrators for the alleged decision, the student announced that “they dropped that expulsion” and that she will be returning to school.
The big picture: Amid the controversy, some social media users came forward to allege similar experiences at the school. “I had two of my friends in high school kill themselves,” one said in a video post, without providing details on those incidents.
NextShark has reached out to Dougherty Valley High School for a statement.
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