San Jose Sharks Fan Catches Hockey Puck Like a Ninja Using Her Chest


It’s not easy holding a phone to your ear with one hand and catching a hockey puck with the other, but that’s what one San Jose Sharks fan did before the team’s victory against the New York Islanders on Saturday.

Diana Hsaio was looking for her friend near the protective glass when ice hockey player and Sharks captain Joe Pavelski tossed a puck into the stands during warmups.

With the help of her left hand and bosom, she managed to grab the oncoming hockey puck just in time.

But Hsaio didn’t think the catch would go viral and kept Busted Coverage abreast of the situation.

“I saw the puck coming, waited for someone to jump in front of me and grab it, and then last minute realized it was coming straight for me so I grabbed it and gave it to the little girl in front of me!” she told the sports news website.

Hsaio added that the shy girl’s father asked her if she was sure she wanted to give up the rubber disk.

“For me it’s just a puck, and for her I hope I made it more memorable, he kept thanking me afterwards,” Hsaio replied.

Other hockey fans chimed in with their reactions:

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