Violent Robber Targeting Asian Mothers with Children in San Jose Finally Arrested

purse snatching

San Jose Police has arrested the man caught on camera of committing a violent purse snatching involving a mother and her young daughter.

The suspect, Pablo Cabrera, was identified by the police based on his description, vehicle, and method of crime operation. Authorities were also able to link him to the other string of robberies where he usually targets Asian females carrying expensive purses, according to ABC 7.


In the surveillance footage released by the San Jose Police, Cabrera can be seen walking as he approaches a woman and her young daughter walking up the stairs in Towers Lane on May 6. He then tried to take the purse from the mother, who did not let go until he dragged her and her daughter down to the sidewalk.

Cabrera was arrested with the aid of the Department’s Covert Response Unit on Saturday, May 11, at his home in San Jose.

He is currently booked at Santa Clara County Jail for robbery and parole violation, as said in the report.

Those who may have any other additional information are advised to contact Detective Daren Reinke of the San Jose Police Department’s Robbery Unit at (408) 277-4166.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / San Jose Police

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