Police Seek Help Identifying Suspects in Fatal Shooting of Vietnamese American Man in San Jose

Police Seek Help Identifying Suspects in Fatal Shooting of Vietnamese American Man in San Jose

March 15, 2021
The San Jose Police Department has released new details, including surveillance footage, relating to the fatal shooting of a Vietnamese American man in early March.
The footage, released on March 11, shows a light blue or silver four-door BMW sedan the two suspects drove after shooting Thu Nguyen, 55, outside his home in Glen Keats Court at around 5:50 a.m. on March 5, according to CBS San Francisco.
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Authorities described the getaway vehicle as having a damaged “left rear taillight, damage to the driver side windows and a damaged windshield.” Witnesses of the crime also described one of the shooters as a male.
Nguyen confronted the gunmen when he saw them trying to break into his Toyota Prius, KTVU reported. A source familiar with the incident said the men were trying to remove the catalytic converter from Nguyen’s vehicle.
One of the suspects had already shot the man by the time the victim’s son arrived at the scene.
When the police arrived, they saw Nguyen in the arms of his family. He died at the scene of the shooting.
“This happened in front of the victim’s family, his son was out there trying to render aid,” San Jose Police Sergeant Christian Camarillo said.
“It’s terrible,” Camarillo added. “I understand the frustration that our vehicles are being tampered with. Our recommendation is not to confront people. What we are talking about is the worst case scenario.”
Anthony Le of the Vietnamese American Roundtable said those who continuously steal catalytic converters are getting bolder as this part reportedly contains metals that have more value than gold.
Feature Image via San Jose Police Dept.
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