TikToker who said she didn’t feel safe in SF after attack is now facing backlash for past anti-Asian tweets

TikToker who said she didn’t feel safe in SF after attack is now facing backlash for past anti-Asian tweetsTikToker who said she didn’t feel safe in SF after attack is now facing backlash for past anti-Asian tweets
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Ryan General
August 9, 2023
A TikTok user whose viral video detailing a purported harassment incident in San Francisco garnered widespread attention online now finds herself under fire for racially insensitive tweets she posted in the past.
Going viral: Graphic designer Hannah Stombler-Levine recently took to the platform to share that a stranger verbally abused her and spat on her outside a local grocery store as she was on her way home earlier this week. According to Stombler-Levine, the man walked past her and said, “Move you stupid b*tch” before spitting on her face.
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When she confronted him about it, she claimed the man then threatened her with, “Move or I’ll rape you.” She noted that at the time, there were other people around walking by. Stombler-Levine lamented that the incident left her shaken and doubtful of her sense of security in the city. 
Facing backlash: The video, which amassed over a million views on TikTok, initially gained messages of support, with some users sharing their own negative experiences in the city.  However, as the video gained further traction, many looked into her political leanings and ridiculed her for being a Democrat.
“Wanna bet that she voted for the district’s Democrat City Supervisor, Democrat Mayor, and Democrat Governor?” wrote one user. “Elections have consequences.”
“People like this deserve what they get because they will never stop voting for it,” tweeted another. “I wish we were hearing about the incident as a scary newspaper article where we mourn this liberal woman.”
In response to comments on TikTok that she deserved to be attacked for her party affiliation, she said, “It was to share my experience as a woman and someone who has been harassed in red states and blue states.”
Unearthed tweets: Screenshots of Stombler-Levine’s past tweets, which shows her making derogatory and racially insensitive comments against Asians, also resurfaced and quickly circulated on various social media platforms.
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In some of the unearthed tweets from 2011, she purportedly wrote:
“Do I want a mean Asian from high school snatching my dream job? NO! So time to start studying #dailymotivation”
“Asian is not a race, it is a disgrace #sorryboutmyevilness”
“Whenever I have no motivation I think of an Asian getting a job over me and I immediately get to work.“
Inaccessible socials: The anti-Asian tweets have drawn sharp criticism and condemnation from online users, who have accused her of perpetuating harmful stereotypes and engaging in racist behavior.
“She likely believed that there wasn’t an Asian community to call her out,” one commenter wrote.
“It’s from a while ago….but no one takes notice because Asian issues aren’t front and center,” another pointed out.
Stombler-Levine has since taken steps to limit public access to her social media accounts, with many of her profiles being set to private or deleted altogether. 
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