Suspect arrested after assaulting elderly Asian woman, stabbing a good samaritan in SF

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San Francisco police arrested a suspect after he allegedly assaulted a 66-year-old Asian woman and stabbed another woman who attempted to chase the man down on Tuesday.

The arrest: Javon Knighten, 27, was arrested for attempted homicide and has an outstanding warrant for battery.

  • Tuesday’s incident happened near Mission and Steuart Streets in San Francisco, where the elderly woman was pushed to the ground but was not seriously injured, NBC Bay Area reported.
  • A 31-year-old woman witnessed the assault and ran after the suspect around 12:16 p.m. She was punched and then stabbed when she followed him further. The woman suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Other details: Police arrived at the scene and arrested Knighten after other witnesses in the area pointed him out.

  • “I remembered the backpack,” Gary, who owns a shop in the area, said. “He started walking up Spear Street. Then I flagged down an officer in an SUV and I told him, ‘There he is. There’s the guy.'”
  • SFPD is investigating hate crime elements in the case.
  • “This crime, along with every other crime that we investigate, we look into that aspect if there is a hate related bias to that motivation,” Officer Robert Rueca told ABC7 News.
  • A local Asian American group is also reportedly digging into the incident.

Featured Image via NBC Bay Area

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