San Francisco rapper apologizes for diss track against mayor after alleged threat

San Francisco rapper apologizes for diss track against mayor after alleged threat
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Michelle De Pacina
December 28, 2023
Rapper and restaurateur Chino Yang released an apology on social media just a week after his controversial diss track criticized Mayor London Breed for the rise in anti-Asian crimes in the Bay Area. 
About the diss track: Two weeks ago, the 35-year-old rapper, who was born in China and raised in San Francisco, released the song and music video “San Francisco Our Home,” where he raps about Breed and city leaders’ supposed failure in addressing crime. In the song, Yang referred to Breed as a “clown” and “phony-ass liberal,” accusing her of turning the city into a “zombie land.” 
“Now throw your two middle fingers up to the mayor,” he says on the track. “London Breed, you ain’t nothing but a clown. / When we really needed you, you ain’t never been around.” 
Yang’s purpose: Yang, known for his participation in the Chinese talent show “The Rap of China,” highlights his personal challenges in the song, particularly the impact of crime on his restaurant, Kung Food, which had been burglarized seven times. He also draws attention to the rising drug overdose deaths and increasing robbery cases in the city.
In the video, he pays homage to victims of violence, including 84-year-old Vicha Ratanapakdee and 2-year-old Jasper Wu, and called for accountability and justice for the Asian community. He noted that the song is not motivated by a desire for fame but rather serves as an authentic expression of his worries for the Asian community. 
Yang’s apology: However, Yang released a formal apology video on Instagram on Wednesday. Yang noted that he received threats from an unnamed powerful and influential figure close to Breed, prompting him to apologize. 
“I would like to openly and publicly make an apology regarding all of my actions and what I say in the video,” Yang said in the video. “I’m sorry for my ignorance. I’m sorry for my foolishness and impulsiveness.”
Supporters of Breed rally: The controversy arises amid Breed’s upcoming reelection, where crime is expected to be a significant focus. The apology also comes as supporters of Breed, including former Mayor Willie Brown and Rev. Amos Brown, are organizing a rally on Thursday to urge Yang to remove the video. Brown, whose church has also been burglarized, advocated for collaboration 0ver blaming the mayor. 
“I made very clear that he was entitled to his opinion, yes, but there is a difference between an opinion and a fact, and I shared with him gently, respectfully, that you cannot blame London Breed for all the crime in San Francisco and the Bay Area,” Brown told the San Francisco Chronicle.
Despite the apology, Yang maintained his beliefs while acknowledging his ignorance. Although he won’t attend the rally, he will remove the music video from his social media.
The mayor’s efforts: In an email to the Chronicle, Breed’s spokesperson Jeff Cretan highlighted the mayor’s efforts to improve public safety and address hate crimes against the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community.
“The Mayor is focused on keeping all of our communities safe, including the API community where she has focused on investing more law enforcement resources and support programs,” Cretan wrote. “In response to rising hate crimes in San Francisco and across the country a few years ago, Mayor Breed launched programs promoting safety that include senior escort programs and community safety patrols.”
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