Samurai-Style Haori Coats From Japan are the Coolest Way to Stay Warm

A clothing brand in Japan is offering a more badass alternative to the usual sweaters and jackets for those who prefer to look cool while trying to stay warm.
Apparel company Trove is bringing the traditional style of the legendary Samurai to contemporary fashion in time for the Japanese winter season.
With a fresh batch of samurai-style haori coat designs, the fashion brand has updated their line up of modernized haori which they introduced last year. In 2015, Trove offered two variations of the clothing style that, in the old days, was worn over the kimono, another Japanese traditional garment.
The latest lineup now offers four styles of varying materials that offer different levels of warmth, according to RocketNews24.
For 29,700-yen ($285), one can get the Wool Haori, a piece with soft wool/nylon/polyurethane shell and cupra rayon lining that is said to be the warmest to wear.
The ivory-colored Masu-Ori Haori, one of the newer designs, is also priced at 29,700 yen ($285). While made with the similar lining as the wool, it uses cotton as its main material instead.
Ventile Haori, one of Trove’s offerings last year, is making a comeback. The coat made of cotton has a flax-like material lining called Ventile. Similarly priced as the other coats, this design features a golden motif.
The simplicity of the garment makes it more adaptable to modern fashion and can easily be matched with a casual or formal get-up.
Trove is also offering a full-on samurai look with the Wool Hakama, the loose-fitting pants made of wool/nylon/polyurethane. Priced at 24,840 yen ($238), the Hakama is sure to complete a feudal-era look.  
The Samurai-inspired coats can be purchased online here. There is also a special instructions for overseas customers found here.
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