Japan Has a Show About a Samurai Who Teams Up With A Cat Too Adorable to Kill

neko zamurai

Redditors have recently uncovered the greatest show of all time: “Neko Zamurai”.

The show follows a samurai named Madarame Kyutaro, aka Madara the Devil, who’s been ordered to kill a cat named Tomanojo, as it’s been said the kitty is possessing another man’s soul. Naturally, the keen swordsman sets out to defeat his foe, but when he lays eyes on him, he realizes he can’t go through with it, as the cat is just too adorable to kill. So, the pair team up and decide to take down those who held ill will against the fuzzy feline.

Questioning his feelings for the kitty? We did, too, until we saw him sing to the cat as he bathed him (gotta love a man who loves animals):

Unfortunately for humanity, “Neko Zamurai” only lasted for two seasons from 2013 – 2015. Japan should get on ordering like a gazillion more episodes, because this show is the epitome of purr-fection.

Featured image via YouTube / shima924

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