Samsung Invents a Flower Vase That is Also a Grenade That Kills Fire

Samsung Invents a Flower Vase That is Also a Grenade That Kills Fire
Bryan Ke
April 9, 2019
It may sound like an early – or late – April Fool’s joke, but Samsung has invented a flower vase that can act as an extinguisher when you throw it at a fire.
This new product, which was produced by Samsung’s subsidiary called Cheil Worldwide, is aptly called Firevase. It has multiple purposes, mainly as a flower vase, and if a fire breaks out, this can also be used as some sort of a fire extinguisher grenade.
According to The Verge, Firevase has an outer chamber that is filled with potassium carbonate that “quickly cools and suppresses oxygen when the vase is smashed.” Then there’s a smaller inner chamber that holds the water for the flowers.
It was originally planned for the Firevase to be used as part of the campaign in South Korea to promote the use of fire extinguishers, despite the fact that extinguishers have become mandatory since 2017. They made 100,000 pieces of Firevases, but due to the massive success, the company now plans to produce 200,000 vases to be distributed.
More importantly, since the success of this campaign, they saw an increase of homes equipped with fire extinguishers by 8%, as noted by Dezeen.
Featured image screenshot via YouTube / SamsungfireTalk
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