Samsung reveals world’s largest gaming monitor, priced at $3,500

Samsung reveals world’s largest gaming monitor, priced at $3,500
Rebecca Moon
August 17, 2022
Samsung is set to launch the world’s largest curved gaming monitor this September.
The South Korean electronics company announced on Tuesday that it will be releasing the Odyssey Ark, a 55-by-27-inch curved gaming monitor that boasts a “fully immersive experience” while gaming. 
Chung Kang-il, Samsung’s vice president of visual display, explained that the Odyssey Ark’s design intends for the screen to wrap around the user’s field of vision.
“A curved monitor gives users a fully immersive experience if viewed from the distance of 80 centimeters, as a flat monitor would cover less of a user’s peripheral vision,” Chung stated at a press conference in Seoul.
The Odyssey Ark, which caters to demands for larger screen sizes, will be able to rotate, tilt and pivot. Gamers can multitask while gaming and play both console and PC games on a single screen. When pivoted to its vertical Cockpit Mode, the monitor will be able to display three screens on top of each other. The monitor’s horizontal mode will allow four virtual displays, while the Flex Move Screen function will let users adjust the screen’s size, position and ratio.
The monitor, which was first revealed in January at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 in Las Vegas, will feature a 4K resolution screen using quantum mini light-emitting diodes as well as a 165 Hz refresh rate and 1 millisecond response time. 
Samsung Gaming Hub, a game streaming discovery platform, may also be used with the Odyssey Ark. 
“To millennials and younger generations, gaming is becoming an integral part of their life routine,” Chung stated.
The Odyssey Ark will be released worldwide in September, and reservations are currently being accepted on Samsung’s website for $3,499.99. Preorders will begin on Aug. 24, while preorders in the UK started on Monday.
Featured Image via Marques Brownlee
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