Samsung Phone Explodes on 5-Year-Old Girl’s Face in China

Samsung Phone Explodes on 5-Year-Old Girl’s Face in ChinaSamsung Phone Explodes on 5-Year-Old Girl’s Face in China
Carl Samson
March 14, 2017
A little girl n China was sleeping when she woke up to the agonizing pain of a Samsung phone that blew up near her face.
The explosion occurred in Guizhou around 4 a.m. on Thursday, Shanghaiist reported. Feng Lingling, the girl’s father, woke up when he heard the alarming noise and saw his daughter’s face had been burned.
The daughter, 5-year-old Yun, was immediately takento the hospital. According to her mother, she was in so much pain that she could not eat or sleep.
To the family’s heartbreak, Yun faces the risk of permanent disfigurement, according to Sina. Her follow-up treatment will also be expensive.
Feng was sleeping next to Yun at the time of the incident. He said that his phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, was charging overnight when it exploded. He said he bought it from a local store in August for 2,699 yuan ($390).
Unfortunately, Yun was sleeping nearest to the device and easily sustained the worst injuries. Feng, on the other hand, burned some of his hair.
In defense, the phone’s seller claimed that the phone was real. A supervision authority likewise confirmed that the store is an official Samsung distributor.
Interestingly, a Samsung employee reportedly checked on Feng and claimed that the explosion may have been caused by a fake battery. Feng denied switching batteries since his purchase.
The store paid 10,000 yuan ($1,450) to cover Yun’s medical expenses.
But of course, we’ve heard that Samsung’s mobile devices have blow up more than a few times in the past. The Galaxy Note 7’s reputation was so bad that, for one, a government office in China banned all employees from using it. There had also been reports of exploding Samsung washing machines in a separate matter.
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