Samsung Chairman’s Daughter Ordered By Court to Give Ex-Husband $7.64 Million

Samsung Chairman’s Daughter Ordered By Court to Give Ex-Husband $7.64 Million
Kyle Encina
July 21, 2017
Samsung Chairman Lee Kun-hee’s eldest daughter, Lee Boo-jin, has been ordered by a court in Seoul to provide her ex-husband with millions of dollars worth of assets.
Boo-jin, who is also the CEO of luxury hotel Shilla, holds a large amount of shares in South Korea’s tech giant Samsung, with Forbes estimating the 46-year-old‘s net worth at roughly around $2 billion.
However, Boo-jin’s recent divorce case is barely going to leave a dent on the Samsung heiress’ fortune.
According to Reuters, the divorce entitles her estranged husband, Im Woo-jae, to a large sum of assets worth 8.6 billion won ($7.64 million). 
Boo-jin’s 48-year-old estranged husband also filed a lawsuit against her, seeking 1.2 trillion won ($1.1 billion). She might be losing millions, but she will still receive sole custody of her son.
While Boo-jin is trying to recover from her recent divorce, Samsung hopes to recover from its losses as well. The tech conglomerate’s series of unfortunate events started when Chairman Kun-hee suffered a heart attack back in 2014.
The incident gave way to the chairman’s son and Samsung Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-yong, to eventually take over and oversee the company’s operations.
Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when Jae-yong found himself involved in some shady dealings that shook South Korea earlier in 2017.
Samsung suffered quite a blow when the 48-year-old vice chairman was taken to jail for corruption charges back in February.
Furthermore, the bribery scandal involving Jae-yong and former president Park Geun-hye doesn’t seem to be helping Samsung’s case and image.
The incidents might be placing Samsung’s future heir in question, but it’s certainly not placing the company’s productivity on hold.
Despite the recent drawbacks, Samsung’s popularity doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, especially with the success of their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8.
Feature image via YouTube/YTN News 
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