Fox News Reporter Gets Sexually Harassed by Trump Supporters

Fox News Reporter Gets Sexually Harassed by Trump Supporters
Carl Samson
November 11, 2016
Samia Khan, a digital anchor for Fox News Now, has opened up on receiving death threats and sexual harassment from president-elect Donald Trump’s supporters.
In a new Facebook post, the Pakistani-American internet personality referred to this minority of “terrorists” as the “ISIS of the Trump supporters.”
Khan claimed that she does not fear or hate Trump, but worried that the new president has “indirectly ‘legalized’ hate.” She began her sentiments:
“I didn’t know what racism felt like until today. I didn’t know what sexism felt like until today. And I didn’t know what fearing for one’s safety felt like…until today.”
Khan explained that receiving mean tweets is not new to her, but the hatred she’s getting now is different. She said that it was “uninvited,” about her skin tone and “fueled by the ideology of a Trump supporter.”
The 31-year-old detailed the hatred she’s been receiving:
“A Trump supporter who told me that the new president would kill me, a ‘terrorist piece of shit’ who should ‘gtfo of America.'”
“A Trump supporter who told me that I should be deported for my ‘sorry brown ass.'”
“A Trump supporter who told me to be his ‘sex slave’ so I could beg him ‘to stay in this country.'”
“A Trump supporter who called me a ‘stupid brown Indian whore’ and who used the P word, a vulgar word that was said on cable news outlets everywhere because of our president-elect’s use of the word in 2005.”
Khan felt that this minority of Trump supporters are seeing the Republican candidate’s election as the passing of a legislation that legalizes hate crimes. She saw it as a form of terrorism, calling it “radical Trumpism.”
She claimed interacting with Trump supporters for the last 18 months has showed her that the majority of them were “good people.” She said they tweeted her kind messages.
In closure, the Fox reporter called out Trump himself:
“I ask you, on behalf of myself and the dozens of other people who have already been targeted because of their skin tone or beliefs, please denounce Radical Trumpism and do not legitimize the legalization of hate.”
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