Filipino American Called ‘G**K’ While Bringing Food to Families in Quarantine


A Filipino American school nurse was called a “g**k” by an elderly man while he was out doing deliveries during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Kyle Navarro shared on Twitter that the school’s staff has been providing deliveries of medicines, groceries, and more to students and their families affected by the stay at home order during the outbreak, AsAm News reported.

Navarro reportedly encountered an elderly White man who spat at him and called him a “g**k.” He was also comforted by a “lola” (Tagalog word for grandmother) after the incident.

“To the racist older white man who spat at me & called me a “g**k” as I was delivering prescriptions to a family: No thank you,” he wrote in his tweet. “To the Lola who asked after how I was: I let you know, but you have no idea how much I needed that.”

In the post, Navarro acknowledges communities of color as well as the LGBTQ+ community, who all have been experiencing the same hatred for ages.

Navarro also reminded everyone to call out any hateful remarks, not just towards the Asian community, but to the Black and queer communities as well.

Feature Image via @thernkyle

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