Man Documents What it’s Like Being Stuck in a Pokémon Go Stampede in Taiwan

Man Documents What it’s Like Being Stuck in a Pokémon Go Stampede in Taiwan
Editorial Staff
August 29, 2016
Just like everyone else in the world playing Pokémon Go, Taiwanese players know the importance of catching rare critters.
Last week, we saw what seemed like thousands of people  trying to catch a Snorlax, causing an epic stampede. It reminded us of a similar incident that took place in Central Park over a month ago.
This time, one blogger shared how it’s like to be part of an actual stampede.
Sam Huang wanted to see Taiwan’s Pokémon Go craze for himself. One day, he went to Beitou Park, located in the outskirts of Taipei. The site was reportedly teeming with rare Pokémon.
Later on, he noticed several players heading to one direction.
It did not take long before more people joined the movement. As it turned out, a Snorlax was found lurking somewhere in the vicinity.
Snorlax is a docile, bipedal Pokémon which spends most of its day eating and sleeping. He is known to be a great gym defender.
Huang decided to follow the crowd in hopes of catching Snorlax himself — and succeeded.
Huang recounted one player who was almost hit by a motorcycle, another who held her dog while playing and a policeman who, apparently, struggled to control the unstoppable crowd.
The augmented reality game is fun, but of course, safety comes first. Pokémon Go advises players to remain vigilant over surroundings at all times.
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