Malaysians Are Allegedly Dipping Raw Salmon Into Black Coffee for Breakfast


A seafood retailer in Malaysia has captured the imagination of social media users after a Facebook page shared a supposed new way of eating salmon which involved dunking the fish into black coffee.

In an image posted on the Facebook page “Kia Eat Play,” someone is shown apparently dipping the salmon meat into a cup of kopi O, a type of traditional Singapore black coffee. The popular drink, which has Hainanese roots, is highly caffeinated and served with sugar instead of milk.

“This is the way to eat breakfast!” the post read. “Are you craving for fresh salmon? Then drop by to this seafood retail store at OUG, Kuala Lumpur.”

The post went viral after it was picked up by website 9Gag with the headline: “Some Malaysians Are Dipping Raw Salmon In Coffee For Breakfast”.

9Gag, which publishes user-generated content, shared that Top Catch Fisheries claimed the pairing of the raw salmon with coffee was started by a group of customers. Some people from the store purportedly tried the unusual pairing once themselves but would rather not recommend it to others.

However, in a post, Top Catch Fisheries advised against the practice and recommended to eat the salmon with soy sauce and wasabi instead. It also shared that the person who originally posted about the supposed trend clarified that the unusual pairing was just a joke.

Feature Image via KiaEatPlay

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