Live-Action VR of Anime ‘Saint Young Men’ Has Jesus and Buddha Living Together as Bros

A preview of the live-action adaptation of the manga “Saint Oniisan,” or “Saint Young Men,” shows Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha disposing of a cockroach inside their apartment in Japan.

The clip, which was posted on YouTube on June 20, briefly shows Jesus and Buddha, both the central figures of Christianity and Buddhism, respectively, trying to get rid of a cockroach without killing it.

The trailer was recorded using a 360 camera so you can see and follow what’s going on inside the duo’s apartment as both religious figures try really hard to find the insect.

“Saint Young Men,” based on the manga of the same title created by Hikaru Nakamura, follows Jesus and Buddha as they take up residence in a normal six-tatami apartment in modern day Japan, according to SoraNews24.

It is a comedic depiction of what Jesus and Buddha would be like if they lived a normal life as human beings.

An anime version of the manga also ran from Dec. 3, 2012, to Aug. 23, 2013. The new live-action adaptation will stream on Picoma TV sometime in October.

The two religious figures will be played by Japanese actors Kenichi Matsuyama as Jesus and Shota Sometani as Buddha.

Featured Image via YouTube / morningmanga

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