Sailor Moon Fan NAILS Princess Serenity Wedding Dress for Her Friend

Finding the clothes people are wearing on your favorite television show or movie can get expensive and be difficult, but one Japanese Twitter user was determined to bring the dress worn by Sailor Moon’s Princess Serenity to life.

User Kiron is a huge fan of the “Sailor Moon” anime, going all the way back to when the series first aired in the mid-90s.

So when she found out that her friend was getting hitched this month, Kiron just could not pass up the opportunity to make a Princess Serenity wedding dress for her.

Kiron has put her blood, sweat and tears into designing and sewing the dress, just in time for her friend’s big day in April.

Her friend is apparently camera-shy, so no photos of the bride with the dress on has been shared on social media, but the designer says she looks absolutely gorgeous.

“At the moment she came out wearing the dress, I felt so happy for her that I burst into gigantic tears,” Kiron tweeted, according to SoraNews24.

Congratulations an best wishes to the bride and groom!

Featured Image (Left) via Twitter / @kiron_milk

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