Sailor Moon Café is Returning to Japan For Everyone Fighting Hunger by Daylight

The Sailor Moon Café will once again open its doors in Japan this year as opening dates and venues have just been unveiled, and it usually doesn’t stay for long since these are limited-time offerings.

Fortunately for fans of the series, they will finally get a chance to visit the Sailor Moon café starting on September 22 to October 29 in Tokyo. Fans in Osaka and Nagoya also get their share of Sailor Moon goodies on September 28 to November 5, and September 29 to November 5, respectively.

Access to the café is by reservation only and the entrance fee costs 650 yen ($6) per head according to SoraNews24.

However, the entrance fee also includes an exclusive Sailor Moon Café poster as well as a place mat featuring iconic characters from the series. Lucky fans who manage to avail a seat at the cafe are treated to some delectable treats from a menu that’s so varied, it’s almost impossible not to find their favorite Sailor Moon character.

First off, the Sailor Moon Café offers a myriad of desserts perfect for fans with a sweet tooth such as “Sailor Mercury’s Bubble Spray Cheesecake” and the “Luna P Cotton Candy Soda.” Then, there’s the super-popular “Good Friends Luna and Artemis Burger”, a dish featuring two burgers that perfectly represents the series’ feline couple, from its signature cat ears to its colored buns.

Meanwhile, fans of other anime shows will certainly find a place to call their own since Japan is teeming with so many anime-themed cafés. According to Tokyo Otaku Mode, Japan is already home to two Hello Kitty cafés and a multitude of Sanrio-themed cafés as well.

There are also Studio Ghibli and Doraemon-themed cafés across the country, so fans will always be reminded of their favorite characters, even when they’re grabbing a bite to eat.

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