Indian Comedian Gains 24,000 Instagram Followers With the Pettiest Post of All Time

Meet Sahib Singh.

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Singh is an aspiring comedian who loves nothing more than to make people laugh.

It’s crazy how fast technology is changing our world. I will admit, I was skeptical of the Apple Watch when it first came out, but this newest model is something else. I know what you’re thinking: isn’t that your grandfathers blood pressure monitor? No. And it’s weird that you would assume my grandfather has high blood pressure. It was actually my grandmothers before we misplaced her oxygen tank. RIP Memaw. I’m kidding we called her grandma, we aren’t white. Fortunately, I have another grandma and (thankfully) she doesn’t have high blood pressure. She does, however, have sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis to be exact. We’re not sure of the exact number of scerlosis, but it’s a lot. If I had to guess I’d say 7.

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No seriously, he’s hilarious.

Today I noticed this man doing a very aggressive butterfly stretch. Not only did I notice his deep stretch, I also noticed that dangling out of his shorts was his testicle. A single glistening testicle, plopped neatly upon the gym mat. Although I was horrified, I couldn’t look away. I felt obligated to tell him that his package was taking up real estate on the gym mat. He quickly replied “happens”, then got up and got on this elliptical. For a few moments I wondered if this meant I was gay, a silly thought in retrospect, but I just wanna be transparent with you guys. After the incident I was shook, but I remembered that God always has a plan. There are no accidents in life. This morning I was supposed to see this mans testicle, and tonight I was supposed to share this with you. I feel truly blessed to be able to share and I hope you all have a blessed evening.

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Swear to…uhh…

Productive, yet exhausting day; Young Republicans meeting ran late again.

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Unfortunately, one person doesn’t seem to think so — his sister, who took to Twitter to see about possibly revoking his Instagram privileges.

So naturally, the tweet went viral.

Some used the opportunity to offer their hand in marriage — both to Singh…

…and to his sister!

Everyone’s favorite post of Singh’s was definitely the one where he unleashed everyone’s inner petty.

Literally everyone related to this petty AF post.

Sadly, Instagram took down the post, as they (wrongly) believed the addresses to be real.

But not before Singh went from his alleged 300 Instagram followers to over 24K in just two short days; reportedly, he’s having some difficulty adjusting to his newfound fame.

Anyway, be sure to check out some of his other great posts to make up for the tragic loss of the pettiest post on the planet:

Pls help me pay for 1 month of ChristianMingle. GoFundMe Link in Bio.

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Also, he raps — check out T-Iddy, aka zero foreplay:

Thanks for the laughs, Sahib!

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